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Diagnostic Imaging & Diagnostic Ultrasound Services located in Los Angeles and Ontario, CA and Phoenix, AZ

Convenient, Low-Cost Diagnostic Imaging
UIMG is dedicated to removing the barriers between you and your health by making our medical services accessible and affordable for all our patients. A physician referral is required for all appointments.
Affordable Imaging
In addition to low-cost services with no need of proof of insurance at all our locations, our Phoenix clinic now accepts insurance from major providers. At UIMG we believe high-quality services should be available to everyone.
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About UIMG Community Health Clinic

UIMG Community Health Clinic provides convenient, low-cost diagnostic imaging clinics in Los Angeles, Ontario, California, and Phoenix, Arizona. The team believes that specializing in diagnostic ultrasound services can give patients higher-quality care.

The diagnostic imaging clinic takes a patient-centered approach to care, using the latest noninvasive imaging tools and procedures to treat and heal their patients’ health conditions. 

UIMG Community Health Clinic performs various diagnostic and preventive ultrasound exams, including Abdominal, OB/GYN, Thyroid, Vascular Duplex, Adult Echocardiography exams, and more.

They provide EKG, Cardiac Echo, and Vascular Duplex preventative screenings as part of the wellness program.

At UIMG Community Health Clinics, our teams are committed to providing our patients with an exceptional diagnostic exam experience. UIMG teams strive to ensure all of our patient’s experiences are positive and focused on their well-being during their exam process. 

UIMG teams use a collaborative approach with referring physicians and practitioners to help facilitate the management and treatment of the patients referred to us. 

Teams highly value our partnerships with our referring physicians and practitioners by keeping current with the latest advancements in diagnostic ultrasound, vascular duplex imaging, and diagnostic ultrasound.

For referring physicians and practitioners, UIMG recognizes the importance and need to provide accessible, fast, and convenient access to diagnostic exams and the ability to provide expedient results, not to delay the care of the patients referred to our clinics.

All patients referred to our UIMG clinics should have easy and rapid access to diagnostic ultrasounds without worrying about getting prior authorizations or meeting high deductibles. Patients can get their diagnostic tests ordered by a physician or practitioner without prior authorizations or deductibles and expect rapid results.

UIMG clinics provide diagnostic imaging services for all patients. We have bilingual staff proficient in Spanish to meet the diverse needs of the community better.

For more information or to schedule a diagnostic exam or preventative screening, please call all UIMG Community Health Clinic today or book your appointment online

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Cardiovascular Imaging
The importance of maintaining the health of our cardiovascular system cannot be underestimated. That’s why many of our services at UIMG focus on surveying the heart, veins, arteries, and other components of the vascular system, using everything from ultrasounds to echocardiograms.

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Don’t short-change your medical care. UIMG values your time and your health.
Choose a medical imaging clinic that works on your terms. If you don’t have insurance, if you’re in need of a same-day appointment, you don’t need to wait. UIMG can work with you to provide you the care you need.
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“Ultrasound Institute Medical Group has been the best. They always provide timely, friendly service for our patients, and reliable, detailed radiology reports. We truly appreciate the entire staff for going above and beyond what is expected!”
— Su Clinica del Valle
“Dr. Stoskopf, is always prompt and thorough with her reports, frequently calls me personally to discuss cases of concern and often follows up with me about how patients are doing. She genuinely cares about the patients.”
— Dr. Katherine Chuang, Wesley Heath Center
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