General Diagnostic Ultrasound

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General Diagnostic Ultrasound

UIMG Community Health Clinic in Ontario and Beverly Hills, California, and Phoenix, Arizona, provides high-quality General Diagnostic Ultrasound. The diagnostic imaging clinic believes everyone should have access to all the medical services they need to manage their health, including General Diagnostic Ultrasound. Patients can get diagnostic tests without authorizations or deductibles and expect rapid results. For expert General Diagnostic Ultrasound services from a team that cares, call the office or use the online booking button.

General Diagnostic Ultrasound Q&A

Are there different types of ultrasound?

There are three main categories of ultrasound imaging:

General Diagnostic Ultrasound

UIMG Community Health Clinic uses General Diagnostic Ultrasound to view internal parts of your body to see if something is wrong or not working properly. Ultrasound can help your provider learn more about what’s causing a wide range of symptoms, such as unexplained pain, masses, lumps, or what may be causing an abnormal blood test.


General Diagnostic Ultrasound can be extremely useful in helping your medical team understand what is going on in your internal systems. It enables healthcare providers to see details of soft tissues inside your body without making any incisions (cuts).

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Sometimes called Prenatal Ultrasound or Obstetric Ultrasound, Pregnancy Ultrasound monitors patients and fetuses during pregnancy. Unlike X-rays, ultrasound doesn’t use ionizing radiation to capture images, so it's safe for many people.

Ultrasound guidance for procedures

Providers sometimes use ultrasound to perform specific procedures precisely. A common use of ultrasound is to guide needle placement to sample fluid or tissue from tendons, joints, muscles, cysts and fluid collections, soft tissue masses, organs, and transplant organs.


Ultrasound can also confirm the placement of an IUD (intrauterine device) after insertion and assist with embryo transfer for in vitro fertilization.

Who performs a General Diagnostic Ultrasound?

Doctors, health care providers, ultrasound technicians, and sonographers perform ultrasounds. They’re specially trained to operate an ultrasound machine properly and safely. 


The UIMG Community Health Clinic team has over 25 years of experience performing ultrasounds, so you can trust you’re in good hands.

When should I have General Diagnostic Ultrasound?

Health care providers utilize General Diagnostic Ultrasound and other ultrasound exams, including diagnosing various conditions. Most people associate ultrasound with pregnancy, such as with Ob Ultrasound. However, health care providers rely on this tool for many situations to look at several parts of your body.


You should schedule a General Diagnostic Ultrasound at UIMG Community Health Clinic if your doctor or health care provider has recommended it. The clinic requires referrals from a licensed physician or medical professional before you can schedule any ultrasound appointment.


Are you ready for your General Diagnostic Ultrasound? Call UIMG Community Health Clinic or schedule your visit using the online booking button today.