Cardiovascular Ultrasound

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Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Cardiovascular Ultrasound is a noninvasive diagnostic test that uses high frequency sound waves to create images of the heart. UIMG Community Health Clinic in Ontario and Los Angeles, California, and Phoenix, Arizona, offers high-quality, low-cost Cardiovascular Ultrasound testing. Board-certified cardiologists read the images from the test, so you get accurate results quickly. The team at UIMG Community Health Clinic makes it easy and convenient for you to get the tests you require. Call the office or book your appointment online today.

Cardiovascular Ultrasound Q&A

What is Cardiovascular Ultrasound?

A Cardiovascular Ultrasound (echocardiogram), also called Heart Ultrasound or Heart Sonogram, uses high-frequency sound waves to create heart images. These images allow doctors to visualize the valves, walls, chambers, and blood vessels.

The UIMG Community Health Clinic team and your health care provider can use pictures from your test to find heart disease and rule out other heart conditions.

There are different types of Cardiovascular Ultrasounds. Your type depends on the test's reason and your overall health. Some types are done during exercise or pregnancy.

Does a heart ultrasound pick up blockages?

Cardiovascular Ultrasound measures the direction and speed of blood flow within the heart and vessels. It can help show blocked or leaking valves and check blood pressure in the heart arteries.

If you have a blockage, a vascular ultrasound can help detect it. Atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque inside your blood vessels, can cause problems, including coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease.

I have concerns about heart health. Should I get a Cardiovascular Ultrasound?

A Cardiovascular Ultrasound is done when looking for heart problems. This test shows how blood moves through heart valves and heart chambers. Your health care provider may order this test to: 

  • Investigate chest pain and/or shortness of breath
  • Evaluate blood flow through the heart
  • Evaluate a heart murmur
  • Assess abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias)
  • Assess problems with the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy)
  • Diagnose and determine the extent of valve conditions
  • Determine the presence of abnormalities in the structure of the heart
  • Measure the thickness and size of the heart and its chambers
  • Detect damage due to high blood pressure
  • Identify damage from a heart attack

Cardiovascular Ultrasound can also evaluate a patient’s response to a corrective procedure or treatment.

If you want to protect your heart health because of a family history of heart disease, are in a high-risk group, or are experiencing symptoms like shortness of breath, pain in your arm, etc., talk to your doctor promptly.

To find out more about heart health and Cardiovascular Ultrasound, call UIMG Community Health Clinic to schedule a visit. Or use the online booking tool today, which is fast and convenient.