Ultrasound is a form of medical imaging that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce 3D pictures of the inside of your body. It’s also sometimes called sonography, and it is a great, non-invasive way to get a live look at what’s happening in certain areas of your body. This can be extremely useful in helping your medical team have an accurate look of what is going on in your internal systems. And unlike X-rays, ultrasound doesn’t use ionizing radiation in order to capture images, so it’s safe for a wide variety of people.

UIMG uses cutting-edge ultrasound technology to survey all different areas of your body, like:

  • Internal organs
  • Muscles and soft tissues
  • Arteries and veins
  • And more

Some of our ultrasounds utilize Doppler technology, which is a specialized ultrasound used to detect movement, like the flow of blood in our vessels, the path of urine through the urinary tract, and other fluid collections in the body that may be unusual or abnormal.